Sunday, July 07, 2013

NSA recruiters get a tongue lashing from students

Bad day at work for some NSA recruiters at University of Wisconsin as they are grilled by students about the unsavory surveillance practices. They are stopped in their tracks as their propaganda gets analyzed and then reinterpreted by the students in opposition. Check it out via the link to Max Keiser's blog!

Here's some of the questions I would have had:
1) Why is it they surveil us but we can't them?
2) If it a nation of We the People, doesn't the information belong to the people? So the leaked data actually belongs to the people of the US. Furthermore, why is it government departments and government officials get the secrets and get to keep them. Should you, the NSA, be passing the secrets to us, the people, and keeping the secrets secret from the rest of the government?
3) If the citizens of the US are being surveiled, are we terrorists?
4) Who are your customers? Aren't you working for us, the citizens? Aren't we your customers? Why are you surveiling your own customers?
5) If we are the citizens, how can it be wrong what we want or do? Isn't it us that give the government direction and permission and even its existence? It is through our wants and desires that define the government and what you guys (the government workers) do.
6) How come there hasn't been a manhunt on those that were exposed as committing crimes as employees of the government. Take, for example, the government officials that perjured themselves in front of Congress.

[Link] Students grill the NSA recruiters

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