Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Thomas Sheridan: The End of Eire


The theme for the next few days will be WAKING UP. Understand what is happening, identify, be alert, and make adjustments.

If there is one documentary to watch it is the one by Thomas Sheridan named The End of Eire which was released a few weeks ago. It covers a lot of the topics, ideas, and strategies that have been covered by this blog, but also includes a few more interesting ones on how one must practice NCEA (no contact ever again) with the psychopathic system.

At this point, I feel this system cannot be changed, and therefore, it is not mine and I don't want to participate to keep it alive. I am going to opt out and find ways that do not include the system. The lack of attention will make it disappear into oblivion. What will go in place of it? Something more individual focused and local. Something human focused. Something less defined. Something more dynamic. It's up to you to create your own system.

Anyways check it out..

[Youtube] Thomas Sheridan's The End of Eire

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