Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gravity: Movie Review


Where are the laws of gravity at the box office??? The movie should've been a bust. Gravity sucked!! I want my money back!

Couldn't stand Goerge Clooney the douchebag and Ms. sob story when she could be figuring a way out. If I were up there I would've cut their tethers a long time ago.

And who are they talking to? Mission control is long gone. I guess this movie brainwashes you into thinking that you must always operate under the influence of the government. Let them know and get their permission first!

Plus the graphics were so cheeeeesy low res (they were blurry). The only time it was sharp was when she landed on the beach at the end. Btw, it's not over there. She'll still need to be rescued from the island!

And the physics and scientific rules were all broken and hollywoodized and the lack of scientific knowledge by the public.. well they bought the whole thing hook line and sinker. It'll create perceptions that are just not true much like what Jaws did to sharks.

The hoopla and good reviews by others is what made me waste my $19 at the imax 3d. Do NOT ENCOURAGE CRAPPY MOVIES! I give it a 5/10.


  1. As conventional and ordinary as the script may be, the visuals continue to wrap us in the outer-space that it creates. Good review Mitesh.

    1. I'm sorry but the graphics were terrible. Did you see how blurry everything was - the Earth, the sun, the stations, especially the floating bits? I've seen better video on Youtube. Am I the only one who sees this?

    2. I thought it was weird.. That space shuttle at the beginning. It was sooo blurry and its size increasing as it moved closer.. It's as if a 10 year old created a youtube video. I thought there is something wrong. This is IMAX. But alas, the whole movie had graphics that were cheesy, low res, and the movement was so amateur.