Saturday, October 12, 2013

Federal employees LOVE their jobs


My jaw dropped as I read this article on Federal workers. How can it be people actually like their jobs, especially in a large top down bureaucracy with top management being of questionable intent (ie. psychopaths)?

Now this statistic really gets me. I can't believe the majority of federal workers like waking up every morning and WASTING their life on A JOB when there is greater pursuits to be had like enriching oneself with knowledge or taking some quiet recreation time to reflect or pursing enriching activities to feed the soul like volunteer work, teaching, research, etc that improve the commons and lives of others!

Here are some amazing sentences from the article. Just lunacy!:
1) ...“nearly all Federal employees report that their work is important” and that eight in 10 like what they do.
2) ...only 23 percent of boomers thought “work is just making a living.” Three-fourths of them said they “expected work to be a central part of their lives.”
3) ...“I don’t miss the bureaucracy. I don’t miss the paperwork. I don’t miss a lot of how we do things in government."

Holy smokes these people think they're doing valuable, important, and significant work! Certainly, their work is not missed by the public as much as they miss their work. Okay there are a few important jobs, but the majority are not necessary!

[Article] Federal employees

I see myself doing a job to pay bills. Period. My intent is to get over the "debt hump" where income surpasses liabilities where I can minimally work and pursue the majority of my time on more fulfilling pursuits.

And..... Here's a poll on the private sector with satisfaction numbers just the opposite of federal workers:
[Article] People HATE their jobs

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