Friday, January 01, 2016

Stefan Molyneux and George Reisman : wrong on everything


These people are mentally ill. And I'm sick of listening to these economic imbeciles repeat the same nonsense over and over and over again. I can't believe people keep listening to these people.

I can debunk their bullshit so easily. If Hitler was a capitalist instead of a socialist would anything be any different?

At 3:00 minutes it's mentioned that Hitler increased the money supply and limited wage growth. Does that sound like modern day?

At 3:30 Nazis started rationing price restricted goods which ran out in supply. Sounds like the 1970s oil embargo UNDER CAPITALISM?

At 6:50 UNDER CAPITALISM without price controls and rationing, those who couldn't afford the gouged prices would simply not buy the gasoline, food, shelter, and water, They would starve or freeze to death. There are already few deaths every winter due to not being able to afford heating oil UNDER CAPITALISM.

At 8:40 it was mentioned that production was owned by private interests but then the govt told them what to do. Well ya if they want to make PROFIT off the govt contracts!!! How's that any different than today?

At 10:00 price controls didn't create the chaos. It was the chaos that created the price controls. Get your cause and effects right!

At 10:50 about the state of chaos. Markets love volatility because they are most profitable then!

At 13:10 the internal meetings would be about how to best screw the consumers and the suppliers.

At 13:45 I don't think people care about profit. They can about contributing to the commons and community. Only businessmen, control freaks, power seekers, and psychopaths care about profit at the level these guys get excited over it.

At 14:00 well that assumes other people EARNED their money in a legitimate manner as just as you did. You know there was hanky panky when some could afford the house and you couldn't (in most cases). You're dealing with corruption, whole collar crime, drug dealing, government contractors, inside deals, financial crime, central bank spiking the punch for real estate and the stock market (free market ya right!).

At 14:45 this is bullshit since most of the cost of real estate is dirt and it is the dirt that varies in value. If the prices were affordable and not at modern day debt serfdom levels, people would be able to buy the homes and move in!

At 15:30 well you're assuming the whole economy ISN'T managed by the central banks and oligarchs and monopolies and government and the system. Food producers get cheap prices for their crops because it's planned that way. Otherwise, we'd having a more wholesome food supply with better positioned food suppliers instead of monopolistic corporations.

At 16:45 all that is mentioned there - the decisions by individuals - all depends on the world created by those few in power and control.

At 17:00 prices are set based on supply which is controlled by the monopolies and oligopolies.

At 17:35 yeah! the planning is coordinated by monopolies and oligopolies. The name of any business is to be a monopoly and not compete in or support a free market.

At 17:45 the government officials are controlled by elite families regardless whether its socialism or capitalism.

At 18:30 that's not what the people in power want. Independents.

At 19:40 all the coordination is used to screw everyone in the supply chain - workers, customers, suppliers, producers for the benefit for power, control, and profit maximization to the detriment of everyone else.

At 20:25 Capitalism only works when they is an excess supply. It breaks down when there is more demand than supply and leads to disenfranchisement, depression, riots, crime, black markets, etc.

At 20:50 prices are controlled and set when supply is controlled

At 21:05 yes rationally screw, maim, kill for power, control, and profit maximization

At 23:35 ironically these spies never go after financial crime and the banks

At 24:45 sounds more like the current capitalistic system made promises of taking care of people LOL

At 25:30 ya cause Hitler was printing all that money to pay off the foreign capitalistic debt holders and the German people got screwed!

At 25:50 sounds like working under a corporation

At 26:20 sounds like the new generation's predicament of not being able to get a home or move around under the current system

At 26:55 sounds like living under the current system

At 27:50 sounds like right now - internet spying and propaganda on wars

At 28:25 those who don't tow the line in government get fired

At 28:45 and 29:10 what type of mainstream media do we have now

At 31:50 ya you'll get shot like MLK and Gary Webb for getting in the way of the govn't and corporations

At 32:10 the bailouts of 2008 were 100% created for the central and regional banks and corporations and the bailouts still haven't subsided and we are all living thru the effects of the inequality it has created through such programs as quantitative easing

At 35:40 rent seekers - the first correct sentence I've heard so far. It is they that should be analyzed and explored in the interview and how to avoid them, deal with them, reduce their power, etc.

At 36:50 sounds like a corporation. sounds like the gulf wars.

At 38:05 there is nothing superfluous about a monocle laced person with a heavy dinner table and poor people. People have died under starvation and suffered under poverty.

At 38:25 it's irrelevant what the wealth consists of. wealth is wealth, unequal as it is.

At 38:35 and 38:45 the beneficiaries of the wealth are the wealthy! lol - no it is the stockholders of Exxon that benefit and Exxon is a cost to everyone else. And actually if Saddam was still in control of the oil fields we wouldn't have had a spike in oil prices. Once Iraq was conquered, oil production was shrunk on purpose so oil prices could rise.

At 39:19 being able to buy the products - that's a big assumption, especially if you can't afford to

At 39:50 corporations are heavy handed. they're there not to benefit the consumer. if they do, it's just an afterthought. they're there for profit.

At 40:30 Saddam had no qualms with selling his oil yet he was invaded.

at 40:55 the benefits of sweatshop labor

At 41:10 these are all assumptions and results that are not true

At 42:10 there is ignorance and Stefan and George are just fanning it further

At 44:00 the second moment where he nails the truth with the SOP

[Youtube] Stefan Molyneux and George Reisman spew capitalism propaganda

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