Saturday, January 09, 2016

Thomas Sheridan : The Depravity of the Elites


The world is created in their image. They being those truly in power and control at the top of the pyramid. As James Corbett's documentary Oiligarchy shows it, it is their greed, their power, their control, that entitles them to gaslight everyone else into perceiving and believing in a world that's untrue as they present it, where the truth lies in the dark, behind the scenes.

From time to time there is a break or a glitch in the matrix. Psychopaths have no borders or limits and it and show their true selves when they go over them.

Here what is presented in NYC is a stack of German soldier helmets collected in World War 1, almost all of them with a bullet hole. What type of person does this? What type of person feeds off of death?

[Youtube] Thomas Sheridan - Vanderbilt's pyramid of dead German solder helmets

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