Thursday, April 28, 2016

Grimes Concert @ LA's Shrine 04-21-2016


I attended Grimes's sold out concert at L.A.'s Shrine Auditorium on 04-21-2016. The capacity of the place is over 6000. My quick count counted around 7000 so that was close.

I was lucky to catch the concert standing at the balcony corner which was pretty close to the stage. Being tall, I was able to see over the people in front of me. But that security guard guarding the VIP area next to the pole and curtain blocked 1/3rd of my left view of the stage as she leaned to look down during the majority of the concert.


What struck me was just how clean the stage was. No wires, no feedback speakers, etc.

Now this really caught me off guard! There was a 5th grader standing in front of me at the concert! It was an all age admitted concert! I spoke to her dad and he told me she was a really Grimes big fan and that she had dragged him there. I saw even a younger child on the balcony to my right when the dad mentioned to me there's even a younger child than his daughter attending.

When I saw the other side had less people, I walked over there. But alas, I was told halfway on that side that it was a VIP area.

Even though the show was sold out, I thought the balcony could still hold 500 more people. Here's a look at the balcony towards the rear. I NOW notice people posing for my shot LOL.

On Youtube, videos of her concert feature a lot of flashing lights and LEDs. I didn't notice so many from my angle. They were probably all pointed forward. Also, I was out of the direction of the assault of the speakers. (I think concerts are too loud). I brought along earplugs to tame the noise of I had to. I put them in 1/4 of the way into my ears since it wasn't that loud. When I walked the middle part of the balcony facing straight forward tot he stage I noticed it was much louder.

Here's more pics:

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