Sunday, May 01, 2016

Meg Myers on Conan 04-26-2016 and Meg in 2012


Damn the burden of being born sensitive...

Speaking for myself, there's this dark sadness and hopelessness born out of circumstances out of one's control. Wishing things were a certain way vs. what they really are. Knowing things can be better and try to push things in a better direction but the desire and need to make thing better being denied... It's because of people's stubbornness, egos, stupidity, selfishness, or whatever else it may be. You're trying to help but it's not working. You're trying to understand but cannot. It's all out of your hands. There is helplessness and a hopelessness. There a dull pain and ache inside that never goes away. It can't go away unless your dreams are realized. In time, you realize they can't be.

Here's a really good article on Meg Myers back in 2012 and sheds some really deep and personal aspects. It's really good even if you are not a fan of her music.

[Link] Up close and personal with Meg Myers in 2012

And.. Here's Meg on Conan's show 04-26-2016. Congrats to everyone in the band. I suspect 2016 will be bigger than even they realize.

[Youtube] Meg Myers on Conan - 04-26-2016

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