Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dr. Sam Chachoua - Cancer Cure?

I saw this on the solari blog. There's not much info on this guy so I write this blog entry with some sense of suspicion and hesistation as there really isn't a full story.

Apparently, Dr. Sam Chachoua had a cure for cancer. The serum had viruses that would attach to cancer cells, marking them up for identification and destruction by the immune system. Currently, cancer cells cannot be identified by the immune system and that is why they are not attacked and destroyed.

Dr. Sam Chachoua won $10 million from Ceders-Sanai when they lost his serums and ended testing because it would've cured cancer and destroyed profits.

[Article] Dr. Sam Chachoua and his battle

[Youtube] Dr. Sam Chachoua cancer cure?


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  2. You have a Man, Doctor, Scientist who has been hopefully working, then fighting, now struggling, for about 23-years to get his treatments recognized and to bring significant health to the world. The system that proffeses to bring new effective treatments to the masses turned their backs on him, (and on others!) which could have saved his father, if they would have done ... what's good for the all. The Medical Industry blatantly stole his treatments ... So he sued Cedars Sinai and UCLA in part, to prove to everyone that his treatments were one of the most effective treatments on the planet and when he wins this court battle, the media would announce this to the world. … This would rid much suffering, such as you are going thru now. … Finally, one of the most happiest days of his life came, where all that he had been thru ... had paid off ... He had won! … A Federal Jury found Cedars and UCLA guilty of breach of contract (stole the cancer AIDS and Heart vaccines) and awarded Dr. Sam Chachoua $10 Million Dollars (should have been $50 Billion.)
    Tom Snyder, Producer for NBC NEWS, for some reason was the only one who had the guts to put it on the air.
    The news clip started off with.... "IT HAD PROMISED of BEING ONE of the MOST EFFECTIVE TREATMENTS FOR AIDS and CANCER in HISTORY"...
    Then that Happiest Day begin to get smashed ... They immediately pulled that clip off the air, fired Tom Snyder.
    One other media had the guts to print the story, that was CHRYSTYNE JACKSON of EXPLORE MAGAZINE.
    Other than that, all news of the treatment, the stealing of it, the suppression had been suppressed.
    within a few weeks Judge Margaret Morrow took away the $10 million, stating that Dr. Sam did not have a paper trail to prove the $12 million that he paid to develop the vaccines ... (PICASSO PAID .5 cents for canvas and .10 cents for brushes -- but his paintings are worth millions). Such an easy issue to win, but not when you have your attorneys paid off and a Judge who was unexpectedly switched in the middle of the trial. (who was married to one of the Deans of UCLA and had worked for a law firm that represented Cedars Sinai ) … She also gave UCLA Summary Judgment (let them go free, without being tried.) early on in the trial.

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    2. I would be interested in working with anyone who would help to develop the use of the vaccine here in the United States. I have the contact information for Dr. Samir Chachoua and would like to do with others what we can do to bring this type of treatment to the United States. A personal friend of Dr. Chachoua has a clinic in Ann Arbor, MI who used to administer the vaccine for cancer, but the dificulty in dealing with Dr. Chachoua has caused him to cease all such treatments. I would like to have a foundation run clinic here in America that would do the work of creating the vaccines and administering them to cancer and aids patients, paying only royalties to Dr. Chachoua for his cooperation in supplying the research information for the clinic to produce the vaccines themselves. The treatment of 7 inoculations across a 15 day period, used to only run $10 thousand plus the office costs and physician fees of the doctor doing the local treatment. Please contact me about this, my name is Dean S. Hazel.

  3. Check the facts. He did not win in court the case was actually thrown out. He won nothing

    1. "Judge Morrow eventually dismissed the action on November 13, 2001, due to Chachoua’s “history of repeatedly disobeying court orders and resort to other dilatory tactics” and his “pattern of misconduct [that] spanned the tenures of several different attorneys who represented him below."