Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Indians protest racist attacks in Melbourne Austalia

Leave it to Indians to make any place look like a train station exit in a few moments time :).

There must be some serious underlying issues to spark an angry protest like this on such short notice. Being ripped off by schools' marketing seems to be one of the causes of the frustration. I know first hand by taking classes in India that promises at Indian schools are more ample than the focus on a good, steady, professional program by the owners of the school. It's pay first and you "might get what we tell you to expect" type of a situation.

[Article] Indians protest lack of security amist recent stabbings in Melbourne Australia.

[Youtube] Indians protest in Melbourne Australia

[Youtube] Indians protest in Melbourne Australia Video 2

[Youtube] Indians protest in Melbourne Australia Video 3

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  1. Balanced views are important. The Australian govt must take steps to provide good security to Indian students. After all, it is in everyone's interest too (Education is a big industry in Australia, 45 ooo Indian students enrolled in Melbourbne alone, what else they want!). Indian community leaders there must also step in to bring semblance as youth movements need directions.