Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Anuradha Mittal: The impact of free trade on 3rd world farmers

World Bank and IMF imposing upon a nation rules that favor multinational corporations. Deregulation of necessary laws. Superceding trade rules of a nation. US Subsidies to undermine farmers of poor nations. Biofuels. GM crops. Source of hunger and poverty.

These are some of the topics covered by Anuradha Mittal, Founder of the Oakland Institute, OaklandInstitute.org, on "The Global Justice Movement and the Meltdown of Neoliberalism". The speech is given on October 16, 2009 at the National Lawyers Guild Law for the People 2009 Convention in Seattle.

Anuradha Mittal goes a good job putting all the topics together in one neat package. It's clear to see the problem of hunger isn't supply, but the lack of money to buy that food. It's also easy to see that throwing people off their land destroys more jobs and livelihoods than it creates. But maybe it's all planned that way for control?

[Youtube] Anuradha Mittal on in the impact of managed "free" trade

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