Saturday, November 28, 2009

A.R. Rahman: Bombay Theme - Played Live in Concert

I will say that the award winning music by A.R. Rahman in the movie Slumlord Millionare wasn't his best. Neither was the plot or acting by the stars in the movie as good as some of their work in some of the Indian Hindi films. Because Slumlord Millionare was produced by Universal and shown widely in U.S. theatres, the people involved were the beneficiary of exposure, and ultimately Oscars and other industry awards.

Anyways, here's A.R. Rahman's Bombay Theme LIVE in Los Angeles and in a hindi movie and in the movie Lord of War:

[Youtube] A.R. Rahman: Bombay Theme LIVE

Here's his music playing the background of the hindi movie Bombay (1995). The scene consists of a riot between Muslims and Hindus.
[Youtube] A.R. Rahman: In 1995 hindi movie Bombay (background music)

[Youtube] Bombay Theme in the wonderful movie Lord of War

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