Saturday, November 21, 2009

Afghanistan: Malalai Joya is discourteous with the truth

When first casualty is truth.

The US and European backed warlords, politicians, and army are mafia in a distant, harsh, cruel land. Rising out of the dry sands is the dollar army. It involved foreign meddling over decades. What does it look like when the police, army, warlord, the politicians takeover totalitarian power under the veil of democracy.

What happens when someone stands up to speak the truth? Malalai Joya did. She is immediately accused of crossing the "common courtesy line" and is promptly kicked out of the "Assembly". How ironic. What's more offensive? Presence of warlords or the truth critical of those present in the room?

[Youtube] Malalai Joya confronts Afghani warlords with truth

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