Saturday, December 19, 2009

John Perkins: Hookwinked Tour plus Q&A 11-18-2009


John Perkins is on his Hookwinked book tour. In this interview, he's at the Commonwealth Book Club. There's also a really good Q&A with some really good questions and insight.

I liked the concept of mutiny vs. revolution. Mutiny just sounds easier to accomplish. Maybe we should have a mutiny in DC? Futhermore, there were a lot of questions on what people can do and the answer that was most hinted at (at least from the questioning audience) was changing the politicians or changing the executives at corporations, which are quick solutions. I wish John Perkins had answered changing one's buying habits to all the questions. The smalltime footwork that leads to incremental change is what is needed, not that quick fix. The quick fix will never happen. Change needs to be forced from the bottom with a force of numbers. Let use our passion and talents but all useless if misdirected. We need to do all those little things, the dirty leg work, and do it bottom up.

One more thing, it's amazing how everything's become virtualized. Those concepts and schemes and bits of knowledge that you didn't learn in college seem all virtual. They're hard to see and recognize right away, unless you connect the dots with other things. To really study what's going on you have to see the forest before you see the trees. The bailout is a good example. Once you connect the dots from all the politicians, bankers, the bribe/campaign money, thr revolving door, the bonuses, and all the premeditated subprime planning (years in the making!), you get a clear picture of the players and the master plan.


[Fora TV]John Perkins: Hookwinked Book Tour 11-18-2009

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