Sunday, December 20, 2009

Anupam Mishra: Water collecting tecnnology from centuries ago


The old way of doing things cannot be outdone by grandious, quick fix, ideas of today. Neither can the incompetence or corruption of the distant federal government can truimph over the locals.

Here, Anupam Mishra goes into the technology, construction, and methodology used by the generation of the 1850s to collect, store, and retrieve water in the dry, inhospitable, Rajasthan desert in India.

The central government tried to provide water through a more elaborate, more complicated, more variable way by constructing a aqueduct to deliver water from the faraway Himalayas. It worked great until the desert sands clogged up the waterway.

Small, simple, uncomplicated, and local. Something worth pursuing with electricty. Solar panels and a water heater on the roof on all new homes. Make it a requirement!

[TED] Anupam Mishra: Ancient Wisdom in water management

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