Sunday, December 13, 2009

Greg Palast on WTO and CDOs


The bankers have it made. They have the WTO do their dirty work to supercede national laws and make governments impotent. Yes that includes the USA. If Congress decides to reinstate Glass–Steagall, we have have to pay penalties to the WTO!

And those CDOs. Countries are not so dumb to allow them into their borders. Their governments have their hands tied thanks to mastermind Tim Geithner and his gang. If the goverments do not sllow CDOs to flourish, severe trade penalties get erected against them. So much for free trade? Free trade is about dissolving any semblence of civilization (ie. regulation) so that the people at the top are free to loot.

Truth Excavator on the Disquiet Reservations Blog has the Greg Palast videos!

[LINK] Greg Palast on WTO's sham free trade and CDOs (courtesy Disquiet Reservations Blog)

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