Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Avatar 3D - A New Bar Has Been Set!


The military wasn't happy with James Cameron's plot. You mean the military isn't there to promote democracy, just causes, and be a much needed service to humanity? Maybe this movie woke some people up to the realities of IRAQ, Afghanistan, and other US aggressions for the purposes of promoting US corporate interests?

GO SEE AVATAR 3D IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. IT'S THE BEST MOVIE SINCE THE DARK KNIGHT! Go see it at the IMAX if you can. I watched it about 3 weeks ago. The Irvine Spectrum was sold out every weekend. Luckily, my brother got the tickets. We had to wait an hour and a half in a line outside the theater before the movie started. I never saw demand for a movie like that before. I may go see it again.

I was really impressed by the fog and mist effects. That's hard to show! I think the atmosphere is what made it really made me feel so immersed. It's never been done like this before!

The main attraction for Avatar 3D is of course the 3D. Without it, it's just another run of the mill movie. I'm not sure if they have a non-3D version. Be sure it's in 3D!

[Youtube] Avatar 3D - Eye Candy

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