Sunday, February 07, 2010

Congrats New Orleans Saints


All right I hung around the TV for 2/3rd of the SuperBowl game. I wasn't planning to but I did. It was a good entertaining game.

Manning reminds us just how much hard work and hope goes into something where luck and chance can turn the outcome on a dime. Things hang by a thread. Every move counts. What would've happened if the Colts hadn't turned over the ball on the kick or if Manning hand't thrown that interception near the end? You can imagine all that hard work that Manning put in over the years hoping to win that prized SuperBowl. He was so close. He realized the game was over moments after he threw that interception. Tears rolled down his face. His career was finished without a SuperBowl title. There can only be one winner. But there were no losers.

CONGRATS NEW ORLEANS! It's politically fitting to have a city that had been devastated to have a win.

I just wish all this center stage attention, effort, and interest went into things more beneficial to humanity. The wheels keep turning... Let's get on it on things that matter to us most. Let's determine our destiny.

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