Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lindsey Williams 01-27-2010


The latest from Lindsey Williams. He's been told be can tell it all by a 87 old elitist who's going in for surgery. Those derivatives will collapse the system at any time. here will be no war with Iran until a year or two from now.

Oil is priced in dollars - Dollar depreciation will determine oil prices.
Financial deficit spending - Don't trust any paper! Get out while you still can.
Health bill is a government takeover - Gun confiscation, euthenastia, electronic chip id.
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen is only saber rattling - Distraction from the true issues.
The Chinese are the strong ones - 3rd world America.
The prices are going up - Dollar depreciation 50% by end of the year.
In the immediate, no relief - no economic turn around.

[MP3] Lindsey Williams on with Pastor Butch 01-27-2010

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