Saturday, March 13, 2010

Doris “Granny D” Haddock (1910-2010) passes away

Doris “Granny D” Haddock (1910-2010) passed away recently. She was a legendary lady who walked across the country, 10 miles a day, for 14 months to raise awareness for campaign finance reform.

She ran for the Senate in 2004 in New Hampshire. As usual, people wasted their votes by for everyone but her. It's even more disappointing to know that she wasn't elected in New Hampshire, the most independent and libertarian minded state in the country.

She reminds me of Cindy Sheehan who ran (and lost) against Pelosi for the House seat in the San Francisco area. Another opportunity blown.

[Video] Doris “Granny D” Haddock's race for the Senate

[Video] Democracy Now! remembers Doris “Granny D” Haddock

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