Saturday, March 13, 2010

Neocolonolism: Africa's rich agricultural fields


Here's another reason why you should buy local. Create a disincentive for monopolistic multinational companies to go overseas and steal other people's lands for profit. Why are we taking jobs from local US farmers AND African farmers so the end consumer can save a few pennies? Shouldn't the US feed US? Shouldn't Africa feed Africa? Shouldn't the people of Africa benefit from their own lands? Does it make any sense to ship goods from one continent to another just to save a few pennies?

Is it ironic that coffee and other crops get exported from Ethiopia (mainly to Europe) while people are starving in the country? Change or be changed. The fallout from these economic policies is coming to the theatre near you.

The way I see it is the multinationals should be th sharecroppers working on land owned by these small farmers.

[Article] Africa gets recolonized for its land resources

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