Saturday, March 13, 2010

Used Home Salesman creates Toyota hoax


James Sikes sikes out everyone following the evening news. This is the reason why i wait a few days after an event happens to comment. The truth comes out by then. Toyota, and not James Sikes, will ultimately gain by this hoax.

Used homes and used cars have one thing in common: Salesmen. James Sikes is a realtor that has lived a life on bluffs and getting away with lies and deceit. This is the cherry on top. He expects to profit from his hoax. Let's hope he gets punished with some jail time for endangering people's lives.

The article goes on to say why what he says cannot happen in reality. I am wondering why he is bothering pulling the accelerator pedal up? I thought it was a electronic malfunction? The pedal does not need to be pressed down for the car to move out of control? And to not hit anything going 90mph for 20 minutes on crowded freeway, all the while refusing to not put the car in neutral?

And I really smell a rat here. I believe the US Treasury wants the "uncooperative" Japanese to buy more US Treasuries. What a way to damage a company's reputation by bringing out "ghost" problems that can't be tracked down and fixed and plaster it all over the news. I remember many years ago, the US strong armed the Japanese for not providing more revenue for US businesses.

Anything mechanical or electronic is going to have problems. To have only 30 or so people report problems with unintended acceleration out of the whole country and millions of units sold is pretty darn good. I can't believe Toyota would be the only manufacturer to have this problem, if this really is problem. Anyways, let's see what happens.

It might be a good time to buy a new Toyota due to all the incentives they're giving out like 0% financing and a higher cash back rebate.

[Article] Realtor James Sikes perpetrates Toyota Hoax

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