Friday, April 09, 2010

Ralph Nader - Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!


I have some criticisms and thoughts watching the legendary Ralph Nader's speech. I hate to criticize him since he is such a great, fearless, and tenacious warrior. I'll provide my commentary out of great respect for him.

First of all, it's naive to think that the super rich are not THE SYSTEM, and that they do not manipulate the levers of the system to make gains for themselves (at a loss to others).

Next, just think of all the time, money, and resources used for a protest. I don't think protests are as effective as other avenues. Changing one's consumption and investment habits are much more effective. Telling others to do the same is much more effective. The days of protests are gone. Everything happens on the IPhone or PC now. So let's change what happens from there.

The other criticism of public protests is it's head on. We're dealing with devious people that implement plans that take effect 6 layers or levels away. That's fine because we can fight them 6 levels away. Once again, with consumption and investments we can make a profound change on the outside layer of the onion that will eventually make its way to the core.

In his Q&A, he criticized the younger generation for not participating in civics. Change happened through protests and marches in previous days because it was also a gathering to exchange facts and ideas. We no longer have to do this with the advent of the internet. We can educate each other online and take action online/offline. So

So that's the difference between the new generation and the old. I also don't quite buy that the younger generations are responsible for the current financial and political situation. I doubt the young signed up for all irresponsible mortgage loans. I doubt the young sent themselves to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The key to all this is morality. A lack of morality or ethics can only lead to destruction. I do believe people are more focused on money. There is a severe deficit of morality and ethics.

Let's humanize the dehumanization. What do I mean by that? Let's point out the abnormality and counter with a antidote. For example, it's point out that there is slave labor making clothing and shoes. Let's counter by purchasing online from places that do not use slave labor. If anybody has any suggestions on where to shop online, please do tell. Let's also shop small business. Shop non-chain restaurants. Buy small farmer. Everything is still exists out there to be used as part of a sustainable solution.

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