Monday, April 26, 2010

Bill Moyers interviews William K. Black 03-23-2010

Sorry guys about the lack of blog posts. It'll probably be trickles from here on for awhile. The job's taking a lot of my time. You now how it is.

In the meanwhile, to keep you guys entertained and informed, let me refer you to Max Keiser and their comments feed. I get a lot of my links that I post here from Max's comment section. It's quite lively and quite hard to keep up with! I must say it's all the info you will ever need. Another recommendation is the Disquiet Reservations blog.

Anyways.. Onto to Bill Moyer's (2nd) last interview which is with William K. Black. Mr. Black's been there on Bill Moyer's program before. He had that blockbuster interview that really shed light on the banking fraud. This interview also sheds some light on some of the recent events in the news such as the "show" hearings by Congress where they ask bank executives some tough questions.

I must say, we must get William K. Black into a position where he can start going after these crooks and shut their operations down. He put over a 1000 bankers in jail during that S&L fiasco. This time around it should be at least 10x that much. Round up those paddy wagons! Demand Congress give William K. Black the ammo he needs to go after the crooks!

[Video] One of Bill Moyers' last interviews: William K. Black

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