Friday, April 09, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Once in awhile there pops up a superhero that shines brightly, a light to make aware and to educate people and to show them a better way. In this course, he is ridiculed and condemned. Can he will it, a change that is highly improbable yet not entirely impossible?

Here's a stunning look at the subpar American food supply and the eating habits and preferences of its consumers.

Complete episode 3 of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution exposes what elementary students eat, the regulations that favor junk, and a jaw dropping experiment to find out the food selection process of the students. It worked in the UK but not America! It's mind boggling to me too. I can't understand it either. I think it's about growing up and being taught to certain things a certain way? Also, if everyone is doing it, why do anything any different?

Sorry about the commercials..

[HULU Video] Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution - episode 3 (HD Available)

I also recommend watching the first two episodes.

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