Friday, May 21, 2010

Encore: The Duplex Apartment

Hey guys, long time no blog posts! I was out and about on business travel. Sorry about that. Looks like I've got to catch up on a lot of the online material.

Anyways, here's an amazing look at the SUPERSIZED hotel room @ Encore, Las Vegas. These rooms make up the ends of the Encore building. These things at 6000 sq ft are bigger than most houses! Reserved for the high rollers and now available on a select basis to the regular public, rumors are these go for $3000-$5000 per night can be had for half that during the weekdays. The reviewer got in at $1250 on a weekday but don't expect that low of a price. I've read comments that Travelocity and Orbitz has them.

Here's a comment on Youtube:
Provided there aren't any ultra high rollers in town and management allows you to book one, you're looking at about $3.5K to $8K per night. Most weeknight are in the $5K range.
I lucked out, though. I booked during the absolute lowest point of the recession for the deadest time of the year 7 months in advance for $1250. Considering that the single story version of this suite never goes under $2K per night, I think it's safe to say the deal I scored will never happen again :-(

[Youtube]'s The Duplex Apartment at Encore review - Part 1

[Youtube]'s The Duplex Apartment at Encore review - Part 2

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