Saturday, May 01, 2010

Yes, Bush is still around


You can run from bush, but you can't hide! He's omnipresent!

I noticed a huge spike in gas prices this week. Is this due to selling the oil spill?

George Bush maybe gone but his legacy and that of his cronies is ever so present as we deal with the oil spill in Louisiana. Mix in Reagan/Bush Sr./Clinton/Bush deregulation and Halliburton and what do you get? A man-made, didn't have to happen, disaster.

First of all, where's the automatic shutoff valve? If it's there, why is it not working? And why does the government need to be called (an effort funded by the taxpayers) in every time there's a disaster? The federal government sent in an army of office people and DC hacks to make it look like Obama was doing something. It's not another Katrina! I'm not sure how airplane sorties is supposed to cleanup an oil spill. Oh and what about the damage to other people's businesses, like the fishermen, and tourism offices, and businesses on the beach? These oil companies are not liable for any damage to other people's properties and business income? We'll keep having these situations until we get off the internalize profits, externalize costs economic model. The corporations do not need coddling. They need some serious attitude adjustments.

[Article] on the oil rig oil spill disaster courtesy

[Article] Bush's cronies at Cameron International responsible for oil platform's failed shutoff valve?

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