Friday, May 28, 2010

Kal Ho Naa Ho: Theme Song in HD


Sharukh Khan has a terminal illness and, therefore, refuses to marry the lady. They both want to marry each other. She marries someone else and he is present. The sequence goes through bits and pieces of an Indian marriage. Great music throughout!

Tomorrow I will show the actual Kal Ho Naa Ho song!

Btw, what would you guys like me to blog about? There's a lot of blogs that I get my info from so I don't want to repeat what others are posting. My blog only points to material from these blogs. So I will only repost to my blog if you guys are not keeping with these other blogs. So let me know what you've liked so far, what I should do more of, and what I should skip.

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Sorry, captions / subtitles are ahead by ~5 seconds. Song starts at 2:35.

[Youtube] Kal Ho Naa Ho's Theme Song HD (Starts 2:35)(Captions are 5 secs ahead)

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