Saturday, July 10, 2010

Louis Theroux: Las Vegas Gambling - BBC - 2007

Louis Theroux visits Las Vegas in 2007 to document gambling, all the way from high rollers to the working man, for the BBC.

The old lady in the videos wants attention just like those people that will make themselves sick just to be admitted to a hospital to get attention. As for Alan, the Canadian mattress king, he's got a bad gambling habit too. People with an addiction go for the entertainment value of their play. They get a high. They don't care about winning or losing. Even if they lose money they've still won because they got a high off of gambling. Anyways, what do when you have more money than what you know what to do with? You blow it! So I ask, why is the working man okay with the compensation for the big wigs? It's money wasted by psychopaths.

[Youtube] Louis Theroux and Las Vegas Gamblers (BBC) - Part 1/6

[Link] Rest of the videos here.

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