Saturday, July 24, 2010

Boycott Israel


From today's blog entry on Max Keiser...

It's simple and effective. Got a grudge? Want change? No need to get angry. Just be smart about it. Boycott that which is bugging you and perhaps even killing you (literally). You've got the speak the language of money, the language most important to those causing trouble and misery. Again, I don't understand all the protests. They're just a waste of time. Buying consciously is more powerful than even voting.

Boycott of Israeli settlement goods by the Palestinian population is taking a toll on Israeli settlement businesses, forcing them to reduce their size or to close altogether.

I, myself, boycott Intel since some engineering of their popular CPUs is done in Israel. I buy AMD/ATI instead. It's a bit slower, but it is also cheaper. And it keeps part of my conscious clean.

[Youtube] Boycott of Israeli settlement goods effective

[Article] Israeli Settlements - The Boycott

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