Saturday, July 24, 2010

Franklin Sanders: Be Local


Keeping with the topic of local economy, local interdependancies, and local employment, Franklin Sanders talks about Revitalizing Local Economies. Paying for gadgets that technology that increase production steers the farmer to unsustainable debt and eventual farm loss. How? The money to buy and sustain the nifty gadgets gets sent to New York. New York gets rich while the local farmer gets stuck with debt. High productivity also leads to depressed pricing which leads to lower income for the farmer. This exact mechanism created a depression for the farmers in the 1920s. The depression later spread to the rest of society in the 1930s.

gold and silver money, government throwing good money after bad, government subsidizing and propping up of inefficient and wealth destroying corporations, decapitalization of individual wealth via government spending, inflation, incorrect unemployment computation, decentralization,

[MP3] Franklin Sanders on local economy

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