Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stoneleigh: Deflation 06-12-2010

You've heard the concept of extreme deflation first from Stoneleigh!

Here a look at extreme deflation cased by a severe depression where credit dries up, asset prices, fall, the currency fails, and long supply chains become localized. The energy (oil) bubble that's fed the financial bubble will pop the bubble as the world surpasses peak oil. It's just around the corner. Stoneleigh wants to prepare you.

So it's a question of hyperinflation vs. hyperdeflation. Which route will the currency take?

I guess enjoy spending your dollars while they still have value and there's still oil around. Finish that trip you've always wanted to take!

Here's Stoneleigh (her website is The Automatic Earth, speaking at the Transition Network Conference in the UK on 06-12-2010. I thought the Q&A was more informative so I'll put it ahead of the speech.

[MP3] Stoneleigh: Q&A - Extreme Deflation (UK) 06-12-2010
[MP3] Stoneleigh: Speech - Extreme Deflation (UK) 06-12-2010

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