Friday, September 24, 2010

Fatima Bhutto and Democracy Now! 09-24-2010


I got this off the Disquiet Reservations Blog today, 09-24-2010.

It's Fatima Bhutto interviewing with Democracy Now! about what she knows about the inside politics of Pakistan. She also speaks about the Pakistani government ignoring the flood and the flood victims and even punishing those that go to help.

But even more important than that is the glimpse she gives on why there's always dictators arising in Pakistan. Surprise, surprise, it's the American shadow government involved that keeps financing these psychopathic tyrannies. And it's the same around the world, not just Pakistan.

The rest of the world bears the burden of the American Empire. Well, now you know the mechanism that creates the 3rd world and keeps it as 3rd world.

This same mechanism is closing in on itself. If things keep going as they are, eventually, we'll see beggers in the streets of the United States, just as there are in the 3rd world. It only takes 10% of the people to make a difference...

It's been a wonderful 20th century and even a more wonderful 21st. The 21st century is turning out to be the century of dictators and tyranny.

At the core is a senseless pursuit of collecting money. I've noticed this since grade school. The classmates I was with valued acquiring money and possessions more than human relations and ethics. It got worse in high school, as a portion of fellow students started shows signs of psychopathy, and practiced methods of suppression, social propaganda, physical and mental bullying, taunting, and control. The ones to worry about were the "smarter" or the more "intelligent" ones who got the best grades and high SAT scores. These grades would give them access to the best schools and to jobs in high positions later in life. It was a master plan of career and life that was concocted by them and pursued.

So here we are in a mess... Wall Street bankers, investment brokers, dealers, and traders, Presidents and Deans of Universities, Executives of Corporations, politicans, government high positions, lawyers, and even doctors! Remember the object of the game is money, power, and control. Why do the masses allow these people to do what they do? These people are dangerous. They're easily spotted through their thoughts and behavior. Why not point them out and neutralize them? Be scared of these people, just as one is scared of a free roaming lion that's nearby. They are a real threat and menace to the well being of society.

[Video] Fatima Bhutto interview with Democracy Now! about Pakistan 09-24-2010

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