Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Where are your donations going?

Ok so you're barely making it paying your bills. Or you're saving up your money a little bit every month... And you want to give someone else a helping hand to someone less unfortunate so you donate some of your hard earned money...

Well it ends up in pockets that you don't expect to go into. You're financing someone's lavish lifestyle that most likely includes a nice luxury car, fine dining, fancy clothes, and a nice golden parachute retirement package.

I guess the organization is "nonprofit" after the executives take off the cream of the top. They don't tell you the fine print when you donate, do they?

[Article] Donations and Executives

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  1. These powerhouse nonprofits are inefficient too. Corrupt charities spend on overheads more than their actual causes. I read somewhere that in some cases it is upwards of 82 percent of its fundraising to overhead costs. So much of the money collected goes into the pockets of the people canvassing for the money. - vkn -