Sunday, October 03, 2010

Ashis Nandy: The Culture of Political Dissent

I'll link directly to the Disquiet Reservations blog entry which is where I watched these videos of Ashis Nandy.

Here's some points that I found in his speech that I agree with or want to expand on:
1) Examples such as the Bush war(s) came with justifications for doing bad things such as killing a million people. Same thing with Obama, torture, and drone bombings.
2) Those subjects that happen to be underprivileged, exposed, or are in a condition where it's hard for them to resist or defeat their opposition know that their own lives can be improved because they see it happening with the privileged. The problem is society and the privileged do not want to help.
3) It is ideas that cannot be defeated by the military, aggressions, or power. And when the idea comes, there is change and revolt.

The second video is much better in my humble opinion:
[Video Link] Video of Ashis Nandy on The Culture of Political Dissent (Disquiet Reservations)

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