Sunday, October 24, 2010

Best Mexican Food in Orange County - El Taco Sabroso Grill


Dateline: El Taco Sabroso Grill for Mexican Food the night of 10-24-2010

I usually don't go out of my way to post about restaurants unless they're really, really special. I went to one last night that had really good food (for the price). Ok, it didn't have a super fancy decor. Heck, there was nothing fancy about it. There was just good food made with a lot of attention and elbow grease. The service was very attentive too.

Another negative. It's located in between more traveled streets and harder to get to. The area has a industrial feel to it. Yes, it's downtown Placentia but it's a ghost town at night!

It's the best Mexican food in Placentia and surrounding cities like Fullerton or Yorba Linda. It's a stone's throw from the Cal State Fullerton university. Ok, maybe it's not the best. I'm sure the fancy fusion places that charge $50 for a fancy square plate can beat this, but we're not talking about that. We're talking about $10 combo plates with A LOT of food. Ok, it's not the healthiest or the best ingredients (say organic or local) out there, but I didn't notice any filler ingredients. No fake stuff! Frankly, I don't understand how they stay in business with such low prices. Where's their profit?

I had the chili relleno combination plate with 2 sides: chicken enchilada with green sauce and a hard beef taco. The chicken meat was boiled instead of fried. I liked the chicken enchillada and beef taco more than the chili relleno, even though the chili relleno is much more sophisticated to make. So much for the unsophisticated palate! The chili relleno was still one of the best I had and had what seemed like 1/4 of a cheese block inside! That's a lot of cheese!

It's good to support mom and pops / family run. I sure got a lot more value visiting this place than say a chain like Acapulco or El Torito Grill where they have the decor but not so fresh, fake food.

Well I guess that's it for now... Oh I'll show you guys how to use to find good restaurants (mom and pops and family run ones) in your local area in the next blog entry. I also use to find restaurants when I'm out of town. It's the "keep them honest" tool for locating good food and avoiding the bad.

Here's El Taco Sabroso Grill on

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