Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jak Community Bank: Interest Free Loans

This from Max Keiser today.

Interest is a cost that's marked up by business and what the consumer pays is a multiple of the original interest rate charged on all the resources and labor used in producing the end product or service. Find out just how much and you may be surprised! Also follow the money and find out who benefits from rentier income which is income derived from interest and other "toll road fees/junk fees" on products and services.

Only the first video was really interesting. The rest goes into how a person can get an interest free loans (2.5% to pay for admin fees actually) proportionate to their savings at the Jak bank. Also covered is the bank's focus and operations in a localized manner.

[Youtube] Interest free loans from Jak community bank

***** If interested, the rest of the videos are here.

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