Saturday, December 25, 2010

India: A Terror State vs. Dr. Binayak Sen

India's version of the Patriotic Act

How ironic and upside down! Doublespeak at its finest. Those who commit crimes against the state and its people are in charge to accuse a humanitarian of those exact crimes and then. Then, punishment reserved for those criminals at the highest levels of the State and Enterprise, is doled out to that individual activist who's fighting for everybody's right to exist in a dignified form.

Dr. Binayak Sen gets convicted for life in prison for helping poor people defend their interests against corrupt state and business interests.

It's par for course. The citizens of a state enjoying themselves, ignoring the real task at hand. Innocent activists who get in the way of the psychopathic businessmen and their windfall profits vis-a-vis the exploitation of people's lands are dealt with specifically targeted mind and spiritually destructive punishment such as solitary confinement. There again is that accusation of sedition and crimes against the state.

I sustain that the government can't pass laws that override free speech or life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The case will be appealed to the India's Supreme Court.


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