Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thomas Sheridan: More great examples of Psychopathy

Thomas Sheridan shows more great examples of real live psychopathy run a muck amongst us.

I believe the greatest progess can be attainted if more people are aware of these concepts. We need to build laws and provide protection against such behavior and personality traits. It's something the Constitution attempted but didn't get to the bottom of.

[Youtube] Thomas Sheridan with more examples of psychopathy


  1. I absolutely agree. Sociopaths, Psychopaths, Narcissists pose the greatest risk to us as a society and as individuals, and yet there is very little awareness of it at large. Of course Psychopaths thrive off of this fact, the masses being ignorant as to the very notion of anyone completely lacking in empathy. It's also IMHO the greatest problem in mental health- there are a whole host of bogus diagnoses.. you could be a victim of a psychopath, and be diagnosed with a host of anxiety disorders- and be treated for just that- with medication, whilst the underlying cause of these "symptoms" are ignored : being in the presence of an abusive psychopath.

    Sarah Strudwick, author of Dark Souls has a youtube channel with a lot of illuminating videos on psychopathy as well ( more personal interactions with them)

  2. Thanks Jo! I'll check out Sarah Strudwick. There's always more to learn!

  3. There are many "look good on paper, morally inauthentic, presentation is everything, Dr. Jeckyll and Mr.Hyde's" in the world. It is run amok with these types. People are too busy emulating them to try to become aware of what really lies behind the mask. I feel many people wish to become complicit with them as a ticket to "sucess". It is brainwashing in it's most severe form. All the questions have been washed away so these illusions can take on the form of reality.