Wednesday, December 29, 2010

India: A Tale of Two Nations led by Psychopaths


This week unmasks the true nature of domestic policy by the corporates, the mafia/mob, and the corrupt politicians. This is the shot heard across the world. A growing India is growing on the backs of the majority of its poor. The poor are getting poorer while a handful have seen income increases. The poor are seeing less food in their bellies. The poor being attacked by a top down economic policy that is destroying their dignity and way of life. It all goes back to the misery index (stock market indexes) as described by P Sainath.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." -- Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963

A growing yet naive and ignorant IT (Information Technology) tech/engineer and FIRE economies on one side, and the rest the economy as agricultural, village, and subsistence based, have seen two different economic policies from the top to bottom government officials. The government politicians (everyone is on the take whether it is the federal, state, or local levels) has instituted a top down policy that gives preference to corporate and mafia interests versus India's poorest citizens who live off the land in the poorest of conditions. On behalf of the corporates and mafia, the corrupted politicians have decided to clear out villages (commit genocide) whose land is desired by corporate mining interests. Such lands contain natural resources and minerals such as bauxite (aluminum).

Ask yourself, why is the government and military invading these lands under the premise that those citizens defending one's lands and interest against an invasion of a central government politically defining poor citizens minding their own business in their own lands as MAO terrorists? The government has named these people Naxalites, Naxals or Naksalvadis.

As of 2009, Naxalites were active across approximately 220 districts in twenty states of India accounting for about 40 percent of India's geographical area, They are especially concentrated in an area known as the "Red corridor", where they control 92,000 square kilometers According to India's intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing, 20,000 armed cadre Naxalites were operating in addition to 50,000 regular cadres and their growing influence prompted Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to declare them to be the most serious internal threat to India's national security.

The red corridor contains natural resources coveted by corporates / corporations.

I say fight back by boycotting products such as aluminum and aluminum products such as foil, pots, pans, kitchen utensils etc. Boycott just like Gandhi did with British cotton and buy alternate products based on steel. The Salt March is in one's hands as citizens selective destroy the corrupt power that feeds off people's purchases.

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