Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't be a Sucker!

To bring the title up to modern times.. Don't be a Sucka! is a short film produced, by all people, the US government! Don't believe everything as 100% accurate but the concepts of deceit, divide, and control by the Nazi regime and Hitler are the same.

Btw, I finished reading Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. That boy showed all the signs of psychopathy! Did he realize his own doublespeak? In time, he would practice what he accused others of doing and being. He criticized the politicians of having no nationalistic pride. They were only there to promote themselves. And they would have no backbone and give into public demands. He criticized the Monarchy of failure yet he didn't like democracy. The lower class people had no business making decisions on what they weren't expert in. Hitler spent almost half his book on hating the slick Jews. Boy did he revile them! I thought, what do the Jews in the middle and lower classes have to do with the damage coming from the elite? There weren't just Jews in the corridors of power. There were a lot of Aryans too. Hitler wanted to unify his race to defeat all others. I don't quite understand what makes a person take leadership and want to go to war. What does one get out of it? What does one gain from it?

[LiveLeak] Nazi Germany - A lesson in losing civil rights

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