Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oil Prices and Revolution

I have to take exception to this reporter who keeps with the mainline propaganda. The danger to the world's poor are the bankers, elite, and speculators, not the revolutionaries or the oil supply drop. In other words, the hungry of the world were hungry even when oil prices were low and oil supply plenty.

Some amazing comments on Youtube about this video on oil prices:
When that dude in Tunisia set himself on fire it should have been a rallying cry to the world for freedom. Instead only the Arab countries are uprising, pushing out tyrannical dictators.

Where's the west's response to The Patriot Act, Warrant less Wiretapping, Bank Bailouts, Illegal Wars, Torture???

Silence is what I hear and it makes me sick everyday.

WTF about the poor and hungry in LIBYA? O who cares about them they are just a small minority. FUCK EVERYBODY WHO CARES MORE ABOUT OIL THAN PPL! also fuck anyone who cares about their pocket over ppl-An American
This isn't about oil this is about FREEDOM! Who fucking cares if oil prices are rising. Here's a bigger new flash: OIL PRICES ARE CLIMBING REGARDLESS OF ANYTHING! We all need to stop using products that need oil. Case Closed

Motha### we have all the technology to go renewable evergy right now! We wouldn't even need to pay for car gas anymore. shitty oil companies caused millions of deaths.

[Youtube] Revolutions prod mainstream media to raise fear

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