Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bangladesh: Clean and Green Cricket World Cup

Clean and green, according to politicians, means disposing of the embarrassing beggars. Embarrassing to who? I'm not embarrassed. The politicians? Why should they be embarrassed? I don't understand. Are they uncompetitive against each other's countries to see who has the cleanest streets? What are they showing off exactly?

Anyways, to get to that goal of clean and green, shouldn't the politicians come up with a better economic policy that would provide the beggars a living that would take them off the streets? Instead, they just outlaw begging? How convenient.

Why would the beggars be detrimental to the Cricket World Cup? Are they going to stop it from taking place? Are they going to stop any contestants or fans from attending the game? I don't understand what makes the beggars so criminal. In fact, it would probably be the most lucrative time for the beggars. To beg from the foreign, rich fans and contestants. Why is it okay for government to reduce the beggars' profit from the World Cup? Shouldn't everyone profit from the world cup and not just the politicians and businessmen?

[Youtube] Beggars illegal at Bangladesh Cricket World Cup

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