Monday, April 23, 2012

Fake Cries - The Law of Rule


It occurred to me watching this video, that those personalities in control WANT ME to fake cry. Try as they may, those in control want to control the perception. Even if the majority of the people do not believe in the program, as long as they perform under coercion against their wishes, the rulers still have their rule.

[Youtube] The Cult of the Kims Personality

So what do our elite want from us? The same thing the Kims want in North Korea. To acknowledge their rule and to conduct our lives according to what they desire. These psychopathic personalities want our soul.

There's always outstanding stuff coming out of Democracy Now! on a daily basis. I try to watch everyday. With their videos on their Youtube channel, I can watch most of their videos in 1.5x speed using html5 (click below to join).

Here's Jacob Appelbaum getting the Royal treatment from the US government because he is active in the Wikileaks organization. The proof is in the pudding that we do not live in a nation that is either free or just.

[Youtube] Jacob Appelbaum does not live in a free country

And in another example, Andrew (Andy) Stepanian, fought against an animal testing corporation only to find himself labelled a terrorist. He served a 3 year jail sentence, the last part, in a maximum security prison that also housed Muslim "extremists". He drove Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) stock to zero and bankrupting the UK company. The company then moved to the US.

[MP3} Andy Stepanian is a terrorist for corporate activism

[Video] Andrew Stepanian on Democracy Now!

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