Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Simple Brain Structure: The Discovery

This week information was released on the discovery of how the brain was built. It was built with fibers weaving across the brain in the horizontal planes X and Y (length and width), and also the vertical plane Z (height). The brain is built up in layers, like stacked textile fabric or a basket that's weaved.

The design is simple as is other things that are built in nature. This tells me that complexity does not last long in nature. Maybe we should take a tip from nature and evolution and simplify human concepts in areas such as economics, agriculture, technology, etc.

Imagine take planet Earth and slicing out the top 1/3 of it as a triangle. That is the shape of the brain. The bottom center of the brain (let's say the core of Earth) is able to communicate with the rest of the brain. Actually all parts of the braina re able to communicate with each other as each fiber is interconnected with each other.

[Article] Building the Wiring of the Brain

[Youtube] Interwoven Fabric of the Brain

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