Thursday, April 05, 2012

Thomas Sheridan: Interview on Wolf Spirit Radio / Exotica Radio 04-04-2012

Here's the latest interview from Thomas Sheridan on psychopathy and the Babylon mind. His new book Defeated Demos is coming out March 1, 2012.

I was thinking about one of his concepts on chemical love bombing and it occurred to me that commercials on tv are just that. They present something that you welcome into your life such as friendship or love. However, there is no real relationship as the corporation uses you to make a profit off you. The relationship will disappear at the whim of the corporation. Coca-cola's commercials about love, friendship, happiness, and harmony bomb you with good thoughts as they, in the background, steal water from Indian villages and poison the world with sugar, aspartame, and diabetes. Walmart's happy / smiley face is another example and I don't have to tell you about how their suppliers are forced to treat their workers.

Come to think of it, most everything such as shows and news on tv is about love bombing and gaslighting. They want you to believe there is a relationship there in which you benefit. On the news, they only show you what you think you want to see. You must be in love with corporations and the economic system! If there are bad aspect to it, then you must be gaslighted into believing a new reality. What fraud, corruption, radiation, oil spill, etc?

[MP3] Thomas Sheridan on Wolf Spirit Radio / Exotica Radio 04-04-2012

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