Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oz The Great & Powerful

Take a journey through the enchanted world of Oz. A bad guy turns into a good guy (the real world doesn't work this way). But it is Disney.

The best character is the porcelain girl "China Girl". Amazing graphics work on her! It was actually a puppetier that controlled her. Again, outstanding! The scene where her legs are broke and mended is the best scene in the whole movie.

In the classic the Wizard is stuck behind a curtain manipulating perception to make himself look big and powerful. In this version, the Oz is also a manipulator, but everyone had invested their hope that he is working for the good side. There are scenes where he creates the illusions of being the powerful and almighty. Once again, it's Disney. The original bad guy is now the good guy.

Here are the three best scenes from the movie:

[Youtube] Oz - The Flowers

[Youtube] Oz - China Girl - A look at the puppeteer

[Youtube] Oz - China Girl

[Youtube] Oz - Inside Bubbles

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