Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Katy Perry: Roar

Katy Perry's latest. At this point, she's printing money; she's her own Federal Reserve. Her products are just so clean, classy, and empowering compared others. The latest song is a self esteem booster. This song reminds me of the victory lap song by Vanilla Ice - Play that Funky Music

[Youtube] Katy Perry: Roar

[Youtube] Katy Perry: Donald Parody - Hilarrrrrioooous

[Youtube] Katy Perry interview

Now to see what else is out there... The narcissistic song by Lady Gaga. Painful to watch!
[Youtube] Lady Gaga: Applause

And although I like Avril's previous two songs Smile and What the Hell, she really blew it with the psychopathic bits (the knife slashing and the dog crash scenes) on this one. Just disturbing! And the plug for the Sony phone LOL! I think she just went with what the record company wanted her to do...
[Youtube] Avril: Rock and Roll

And where are the guys coming out with relevant and good songs? Justin Bieber doesn't count.

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