Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Alice in Wonderland 2010


What an amazingly immersive movie! I watch this movie a couple of weeks ago (ya I torrented a Bluray) and it was magical! No wonder it made $100 million off of a $20 million dollar production. It takes you into a surreal imaginary world and wraps you right into it.

I really like the Mad Hatter. The background is this: from people went mad from making hats in factories and succumbed to mercury poisoning. The factory owners knew this but kept this from the public and workers for many decades and the practice went on.

As for the purpose of the original Alice in Wonderland... It was to show how absurd it was for one person to have the power to chop off another person's head. And in the end it shows authority has no power if you do not lend your attention and support to it.

Get it on Bluray to get the best of the graphics!

PS: The other movies by Tim Burton are psychopathic

[Youtube] Alice in Wonderland 2010 - Scene 1

[Youtube] Alice in Wonderland 2010 - Scene 2

[Youtube] Avril: Alice

[Youtube] Alice In Wonderland - Fashion Show - DVD Release Premiere

[Youtube] Kerli: Tea Party

Holy cow, look at the number of staff and money involved!
Kerli: Tea Party - A look behind the scenes

What I do is put this as the background while I'm doing donkey work. When you're on the Youtube page (not on the blog you will see the two arrows forming a circle on the top right of the playlist (top right in the black area)? Enable it to go throught he whole playlist automatically.
[Youtube] Alice in Wonderland 2010 - Soundtrack - PLAYLIST

How was that for my coverage of the movie Alice in Wonderland (2010)?

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