Saturday, December 19, 2015

George Coates interview 1991

George Coates is awesome! Just WOW!

He was explaining the corporate system all the way back in 1991 !!!! And that it was the artists that told everyone the truth.

It took me until 2005/2006 to change my perspective of how things really work. Before then, I was just like everyone else - clueless, indoctrinated, self assured and loaded with all the propaganda. IF A was false then B would be false and so would C... That would be so wild and staggering if everything was THAT demented... Well it took awhile for me to realize just how far gone and depraved it was and I'm still going down the rabbit hole. It only keeps getting deeper.

I remember going to India knowing a bit about the real motivations of corporations and the puppets in public office back in mid 2006 so I had to learn about it shortly before then... I think it started with John Perkins videos on the internet.

I seek out and cherish the truth. Hard to obtain and a never ending chore. I wouldn't want to be any other way.

I suggest you watch George IN 1991 !!!!!!!!! Where was all this knowledge until I ran into some of it in 2005??????? It's taken me countless hours totaling perhaps years to get a fraction of the way this man has.

He was the truth movement before there was internet.

Just check out the comments on the Youtube video. This is how the internet should have been.

[Youtube] George Coates - 1991 Interview

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